Italian wine exports at record high

Record Italian wine exports in 2021

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Italian wine exports hit a record €7.1 billion last year, more than compensating for lower export totals in 2020, official data revealed. An increase of 12.4% on 2020.

According to an analysis by the Qualivita Foundation of data from Italy’s National Statistics Institute (ISTAT), wine exports grew by 12.4 per cent in 2021 compared to the previous year. This was compared to a 2.2% year-on-year decrease in 2020.

Europe absorbs 60% of exports in value of Italian wine, with €4.28 billion in 2021 for a growth of €351 million in a year equal to + 8.9%. There was strong recovery in the American continent where €2.23 billion of exports were destined. This constituted a growth of + 16.7% in a single year which recovers the slowdown of -4.3% recorded in 2020. The US remained the largest export market for Italian wines, followed by Germany and the UK.

European market shows a positive trend

The positive trend continues in Germany, which began in the second half of 2020, brings Italian exports to over 1.13 billion euros in 2021. Following, the United Kingdom with a +5, while Switzerland takes a decisive step forward and exceeds €415 million euros in 2021.

The Netherlands market grew for the second consecutive year, marking a 37% increase compared to 2019. Growth also resumed in France and reached €222 million. Also noteworthy is the result in Belgium, which in two years went from €140 million to €197 million.

Ukraine war will impact 2022 results

Russia, with €149 million in exports, is the twelfth destination market for Italian wine in 2021, with a growth of + 18.4% on a base yearly. Italy is the leading wine supplier in Russia, supplying 30% of total wine imports in the country. France follows with 17% (it also dominates in the sparkling wine category with peaks of 60% market share of imported wine).

As a result of the Russian war on Ukraine, consultancy Nomisma predicts that in 2022 exports could suffer from the crisis in Ukraine.

Furthermore, extreme weather adversely affected Italian wine production during 2021.

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