Monte Compatri Pantano metro station. A boy was killed in the station's car park

Boy,14, killed at Rome metro station

By Region Central Italy News

Ivan Alexandru, a 14-year-old Romanian boy, killed at Pantano metro station on the outskirts of Rome last night, was shot.

The boy was with his mother’s partner, police said on Saturday.

They said a group of 5 or 6 young Romanians had an argument outside a bar with another group of fellow countrymen, probably Roma. There were some slaps and shoves.

The youths then moved to the Pantano metro station where a car arrived from which shots were fired, police said. The car drove off.

It has not been ruled out that the shots were intended as a warning, police said.

At least two shots fired

Investigators say at least two shots killed the 14-year-old Romanian boy.

From an initial reconstruction, two groups of Romanian teenagers first met in a bar in the Borghesiana area, on the outskirts of Rome, and then met again in the square of the Pantano metro station, in Monte Compatri.

It is possible the incident was caught on video surveillance camera. Recordings are being looked into. The case is being investigated by the Frascati Carabinieri.

Mayor of Monte Compatri expresses grief over killing

The mayor of a Rome area municipality on Saturday voiced grief over the boy’s murder.

“In these hours I am in close contact with the Prefect, to whom I have asked for a meeting of the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Safety, which will take place on Thursday,” Francesco Ferri, the mayor of Monte Compatri, told ANSA.

“Tonight’s crime is a fact that leaves our community dismayed and calls for reflection, because one cannot die in such a violent and tragic way at the age of 14”.

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