ceiling collpase at wedding reception

Ceiling collapse at wedding reception, 6 seriously injured

By Region Central Italy News

The ceiling collapse of an old convent in Pistoia, where a wedding reception was taking place, left six people seriously injured and a further 29 taken to hospital.

The ceiling collapse occurred in a hall on the first floor of the former Giaccherino convent , which has been used as a restaurant for some years. Some guests had already left the party, but around sixty people, mostly young, remained inside the venue and were dancing when the ceiling suddenly collapsed .

 Late in the evening, the Central Tuscany Local Health Authority reported that 35 people were injured in total. Of these, 12 were transported to the San Jacopo hospital in Pistoia. The others were taken to the hospitals of Lucca, Pescia, Prato, Careggi and Torregalli.

Six people were classified as code red but, according to the health authority announcement, were not in danger of their lives.

Among the people hospitalised at San Jacopo were the bride and groom. The emergency plan has been activated in the Pistoia hospital due to the massive influx of injured people.

A waitress is reported to have said, “It was me and a colleague of mine, we heard screams and desperate people crying”.

We saw tables and glasses thrown, because everyone was scared, when they heard the loud noise. We passed near the room where the floor had collapsed and there was a lot of dust, we couldn’t see anything.”

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