Va6tican merch being shown for first time

Vatican merch for 2025 Jubilee


For the 2025 Jubilee, the Holy See has entered into the realm of merchandising, introducing an official pilgrim backpack. The official Vatican merch will be available through a number of sites.

A pilgrim recognises that walking entails leaving the superfluous behind and carrying only essentials for a meaningful experience of faith and reflection. For the 2025 Ordinary Jubilee, the Holy See has entered into the realm of Vatican merch.

Yesterday, it introduced a product tailored for all those embarking on the road to Rome: the official backpack of the pilgrim.

After evaluating various projects, the Dicastery chose the concept developed by the Stegip4 group. Mons. Rino Fisichella, Pro-prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization, expressed satisfaction with the proposals received from Italian and foreign enterprises. He noted the significance of a backpack during a pilgrimage.

He also mentioned the value of keeping it as a memento, marked by time and use, filled with memories of the pilgrimage’s emotional and reflective days.

Regarding the commission awarded to Stegip4, Fisichella acknowledged the company’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, appealing to both young generations and those with past Jubilee or pilgrimage experiences.

“I was very happy to receive proposals from some enterprises, both Italian and foreign ones, for the production and sale of an official backpack of the pilgrim for the next Jubilee in 2025.

I am well aware of how useful a backpack is during a pilgrimage or a hike and how good it is to keep it at the end, with the marks left by time and use, as a memento full of memories of the pilgrimage and of those days of prayer and reflection full of emotion and, because of this, unforgettable”, said Fisichella.

How to buy the Vatican merch

For details about the soon-to-be-released backpack and its contents, including a cap, scarf, water bottle, rosary, and more, interested individuals can visit the websites and

Gino Conversi, the Marketing Director of the company, said they wanted to offer an innovative and environmentally friendly product that caters to diverse generations.

“Our aim is to offer an innovative item that also respects the environment as much as possible and appeals to young generations,” said Gino Conversi. “But it is also designed for people who have taken part in Jubilees or pilgrimages in the past”.

Dr. Stefano D’Ambrosio, the Founder and CEO of Stegip4, thanked the Dicastery for Evangelization, expressing pride in their choice, which recognises Stegip4’s commitment to high-quality standards, ethical fair trade, and environmental sustainability.

He highlighted how the product embodies the spirit of the 2025 Jubilee’s motto, “Peregrinantes in Spem – Pilgrims of Hope,” encouraging the rebuilding of hope and confidence for a positive future.

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