Action being taken to prevent unauthorised entry into Italy. Image shows a visa for Italy.

Review of procedures preventing unauthorised entry into Italy


Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has announced a series of special inspections aimed at scrutinising visa operations at select Italian embassies abroad and preventing unauthorised entry into Italy.

This move is a part of an overarching review of procedures designed to prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorised entry into Italy. Tajani provided these details during a parliamentary question time session.

“In August, I initiated the deployment of extraordinary inspection teams to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh,” mentioned Tajani. “In recent days, similar missions have assessed the operations at the embassies in Kinshasa (the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Brazzaville (the capital of the Republic of the Congo).”

Tajani also revealed that additional inspections are on the agenda for other regions, including Latin America. The findings from these missions are made available to relevant authorities, including the judiciary. Tajani stressed that he has issued clear instructions to use these inspections as the basis for a comprehensive overhaul of visa procedures.

He emphasised the need to enhance the capabilities of their offices to detect fraudulent visa applications and prevent corrupt practices, highlighting the government’s top priority to combat all forms of irregular entry into Italy.

This inspection initiative is part of a broader campaign to address irregular migration to Italy, particularly in response to an increased number of sea arrivals this year. The government, led by Premier Giorgia Meloni, has also committed to expanding legal channels for non-EU migrant workers by extending the quota system to align with labour market demands.

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