Evacuation from Sudan

Italians evacuated from Sudan


All Italians who wanted to leave Sudan have been evacuated and will arrive in Italy late Monday afternoon, Foreign Minister and Deputy Premier Antonio Tajani said today.

Tajani said a “few emergency volunteers and some missionaries” have remained Sudan. Nine days of fighting between the regular army and paramilitary forces in the country have left hundreds of people dead and thousands injured.

“All the Italians who wanted to leave Sudan have done so,” said Tajani.

“They have been transferred to Djibouti and will return to Italy on an Air Force flight (arriving at) around 6:30-7 p.m. at Ciampino airport.” The minister added that “they are all well”.

“I want to thank those who took part in this difficult operation,” Tajani concluded.

Late Sunday evening the foreign affairs ministry announced the “first phase” of the evacuation from Sudan had been carried out. It involved the transfer of 105 Italians and 31 foreigners. These included Australian, Greek, and British nationals, on board an Italian and Spanish Air Force flights to Djibouti.

“After a day of trepidatious waiting, all our compatriots in Sudan who asked to leave have been evacuated. There are also foreign nationals with them. Italy leaves no one behind,” said PM Giorgia Meloni on Sunday.

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