Council of Ministers may extend state of emergency

A Council of Ministers could extend the state of emergency to 31st March

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Tomorrow there could be a Council of Ministers (CDM) to decide on an extension of the state of emergency to March 31st. Mario Draghi wishes to send a clear signal regarding pandemic priorities.

The acceleration was decided by Mario Draghi to give a clear signal on the priorities relating to the situation of the pandemic. In fact, pressure for the extension is growing. I think the moment is ripe”, said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.

State of emergency or not?

The leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, is also thinking along the same line. “It is clear that with respect to the epidemiological curve and a variant that appears very contagious, it seems necessary to reach an extension”.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, is a little more cautious. “We are waiting for the data, we are at 13 December and we are waiting to discuss with mayors and governors.”

Italy confirmed its first Omicron case at the end of November.

Far right leader, Giorgia Meloni of the Fdl, is following a similar train of thought to Salvini. “After two years the state of emergency, but what emergency is it? It is not an emergency, after two years you must be able to fight the pandemic by restoring the fullness of right.

“If it can work the first few months because you don’t know what you are dealing with, after two years you know what you are dealing with.” Meloni continued, “It is a state that does not do its job: restaurateurs have to check, but public transport is all crammed in. It is the first cluster, but there are other priorities, such as closing the gyms. Boosting public transport is more difficult, but the state should do the hard things, not the easy ones on the skin of the citizens.”

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