state of emergency will end 31st March says Draghi

State of Emergency will end on 31st March in Italy

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Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced the end of the state of emergency on 31st March. He also said the Green Pass will come to an end on May 1st, he told a press conference.

“Reopening the economy” and “limiting distance learning, is a state we have arrived at; and the cabinet okayed major measures eliminating almost all the restrictions that have limited our behaviour,” Premier Mario Draghi said.

“I want to also thank all the Italians for their altruism, and patience demonstrated in these years. We are often perceived as having a scant civic sense but instead we have been very good in this pandemic, we should be proud of that”, he told a press conference.

He also added, vaccines averted some 80,000 deaths last year. The state of emergency will end on March 31st.

Government ready to adapt

Draghi said the government was ready, however, to “adapt on the basis of the epidemiological curve” in COVID cases.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the functions currently being performed by COVID emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo would devolve onto other “units” until the end of the year. Meanwhile the colour-coded system for regions’ COVID risks would be ended.

Earlier on Thursday the government’s ‘control room’ task force met to discuss phasing out the nation’s COVID-19 restrictions. The League vainly tried to get the government to bring the end to the Green Pass forward to April 15, two days before Easter Sunday.

Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi said he was pleased with the cabinet’s decision to extend COVID staffing until the end of the school year.

Changes from 1st April

Changes to the covid restrictions are scheduled from 1st April. From that date, foreigners in Italy will no longer be required to show a ‘Super Green Pass’ in restaurants.

The current regime under which people must wear facemasks in enclosed public spaces, including schools, will remain in force until April 30, ministerial sources said. The obligation to wear facemasks on public transport will continue until the end of April too. However, it will no longer be necessary to show a Green Pass to get on from April 1, Ansa reported.

The obligation to have the Green Pass to do many things in Italy will end on May 1. At the moment the Super Green Pass is needed to do almost all social, leisure, cultural or sporting activities. Over-50s also need it to access places of work.

Over-50s will be able to access places of work with a basic Green Pass during the month of April. The basic Pass can be obtained by having a negative test every 48 hours. The government has also decided that all COVID-linked capacity limits at places such as soccer stadiums will end on April 1. 

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