Run-off votes in local elections

Seven towns set for run-off votes


The centre right is set to win four towns in the local elections in Italy. The centre left is set to win two and seven are set to go to a run-off in two weeks’ time. This according to early results in the voting in 13 provincial capitals.

Over six million Italians were called to the vote Sunday and Monday in 595 comuni in nine regions. Turnout was three points down at 59%.

At Imperia, former centre right multiple minister and long-time local potentate Claudio Scajola, although officially a civic candidate, can be counted centre right and looks certain to clinch another term.

In Latina, a city south of Rome run by a commissioner since last October, centre-right candidate Matilde Celentano looks certain to defeat centre-left incumbent Damiano Coletta.

In Massa, centre right incumbent Francesco Persiani is ahead of the centre left’s Enzo Ricci.

Brescia, meanwhile, is feting its first woman mayor as Laura Castelletti held onto the northern city for the centre left.

In Teramo, centre-left candidate Gianguido D’Alberto (PD and M5S) looks set to win outright in the first round.

At Treviso, the outgoing centre right mayor Mario Conte has been confirmed.

Where are the run-off votes likely to be held?

In Ancona, where the outgoing mayor is centre-left, there looks set to be a run-off between centre-right candidate Daniele Silvetti and that of the centre-left Democratic Party and centrist Third Pole, Ida Simonella. Silvetti is the slight favourite to take the long-time left-wing seat.

Brindisi looks set for a run-off between centre right candidate Pino Marchionna and centre left Roberto Fusco.

Pisa, too, looks set to go to a run-off with incumbent centre-right Michele Conti ahead of the centre left’s Paolo Martinelli. A run-off is possible in Siena, too, where centre-left candidate Anna Ferretti is ahead of the centre right’s Nicoletta Fabio.

It’s a close run race at Sondrio where the centre right’s Marco Scaramellini is currently over the winning 50% mark. Centre-left candidate Simone Del Curto is not far behind, however.

In Terni, there looks likely to be a run-off between the centre right’s Orlando Masselli. He is slightly ahead of civic list candidate Stefano Bandecchi. The PD-M5S candidate is out of the running.

Another run-off, finally, is likely in Vicenza where centre-right incumbent Francesco Rucco is slightly behind centre-left candidate Giacomo Possamai.

First female mayor for Brescia

Laura Castelletti of the centre left Democratic Party (PD) said she was excited to be Brescia’s first woman mayor. Castelletti took over 55% of the vote in the northern city compared to 41.5% for the centre right’s Fabio Rolfi.  

Both Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and Premier Giorgia Meloni, and rightwing League party leader, Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini, staged election-eve rallies in Brescia. All to no avail.

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