alpine troops reunion

Alpine troops rally shows love of country – Meloni


The annual rally of past and present members of Italy’s crack Alpine troops in Udine shows a great love of country, PM Giorgia Meloni says.

Meloni said the Alpine troops rally is one of the most extraordinary representations that take place during the year, demonstrating what love of country is. Last year, the rally was marred by commplaints of sexual molestation by female staff at the event.

Describing the Alpini as a great family of Italy, she said “I believe that the theme of the commitment of our national community and the bond of belonging that binds us is one of the most important things on which we must leverage to lift this nation.

“Today is Mother’s Day,” she added, “but we always have another mother who is the Motherland; without this bond there is nothing we can do.” Asked whether she was in favour of reinstating conscription for mandatory military service, she replied: ‘”It is certainly an issue that can be addressed as a voluntary option, as an alternative to (non-military) civilian national service.

“That in my opinion is the right approach”.

With Meloni were Defence Minister Guido Crosetto, Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciriani and Friuli Governor Massimiliano Fedriga.

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