Image shows votes in parliament for the prevention of aid reaching Hamas

Italy approves resolution on preventing Hamas aid


The House on Tuesday approved a majority resolution committing the government to stop all aid that might be used by Hamas for terror ends. Also, the resolution asks for work to avert an escalation in the conflict after the surprise attack on Israel on Saturday.

The Chamber of Deputies approved by 299 votes to nil the resolution. It commits the government to “stop funds reaching Hamas – via institutional channels, international or private organisations – that might be used to fund terrorist attacks and incite hatred towards Israel.” The text also asks the government to work to “develop diplomatic action with the main partners and regional actors to avert an escalation of the conflict”.

Meloni warns of copy-cat terrorism on Italian soil

Premier Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday warned of the risk of copy-cat acts of terrorism after last weekend’s attack by Hamas on Israel.

“We must intensify the protection of Jewish citizens, including on our territory, because the risk of emulation of the criminal acts by Hamas could reach us here,” Meloni said after visiting the Great Synagogue of Rome.

“So I am here to say that we will defend these citizens from all forms of anti-Semitism.

“Clearly the aim of this visit is to show solidarity to the Roman and Italian Jewish community because, in the terrible scenes coming from Israel, there is something more than what one sees in a normal, yet tragic, war scenario.

“There is hatred towards an entire people in the hunting down of civilians, house-to-house, in the rounding up of children and young people.

“Defending Israel’s right to exist and defend itself is also about defending these young people, these children, these women”.

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