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FAI Autumn Days return this weekend

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On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October visit the FAI Heritage sites, as part of FAI Autumn Days. Entrance is free, though a minimum contribution of €3 is recommended to help preserve Italy’s heritage.

The FAI Autumn Days return on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October. During the weekend, special contribution visits will be offered to hundreds of extraordinary places throughout Italy. They are selected because they are usually inaccessible or because they are curious, original, or little appreciated and known.

The public will be able to marvel at the richness and variety of treasures of history, art and nature that are hidden, unexpected and astonishing, in every corner of the Peninsula. Among these they will discover historic buildings, villas, churches, castles, and even examples of industrial archaeology, museums, art collections, archaeological areas, libraries, artisan workshops and production sites.

Furthermore, itineraries in villages and routes in naturalistic areas, urban parks, botanical gardens and historic gardens will be planned. The FAI Autumn Days are organised as part of the fundraising campaign of the “Ottobre del FAI” Foundation, active throughout the month. They follow on from the FAI Spring Days earlier in the year.

Discover the list of open properties here.

What is FAI October?

FAI October” is a significant nationwide campaign. Its aim is to bolster the Foundation’s projects and involve as many people as possible in the vital task of preserving and celebrating Italy’s historical, artistic, and natural treasures.

It is a time that belongs to all, and everyone bears a shared responsibility for its protection. The FAI’s October motto is “DO your part,” emphasising that the fate of Italy lies in our collective hands. Every individual can make a meaningful difference by contributing to a positive change according to their means.

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