protests on International day for elimination of violence against women

Italy protests on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Italy witnessed widespread protests, with thousands participating across the country.

The demonstrations were fuelled by public anger and dismay surrounding the tragic murder of 22-year-old Giulia Cecchettin. Her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta stands accused of her murder on 11th November. Her murder marks the latest in a distressing series of femicides and gender-based violence incidents in the nation.

Marches advocating an end to violence and abuse occurred nationwide, drawing particularly large crowds in Milan, Rome, Messina, and Naples. President Mattarella, in his message for the day, acknowledged the impact of “dramatic news stories” on the country’s conscience. He further emphasised that a civilised society cannot tolerate such attacks on women.

Expressing grief for the affected families and communities, Mattarella highlighted the societal failure to promote genuine equality between women and men as the root cause behind this violence.

European Parliament President mentions Cecchettin in his speech

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, in a video message, specifically mentioned Cecchettin and other femicide victims. He stressed the need for determined action through awareness campaigns, training, and ambitious laws to protect women.

“Daughters, sisters, and mothers” were remembered, with Metsola underlining the imperative to defend women without excuses or delays. Premier Giorgia Meloni, on Friday, renewed her commitment to combat violence against women, describing it as an intolerable phenomenon. She expressed pride in the recently approved anti-violence and anti-stalking norms. She also emphasised the importance of shared efforts in making a difference.

The government projected the helpline number, 1522, onto the facade of the premier’s office at Palazzo Chigi in Rome.

Pope Francis also called for action against gender-based violence, characterising it as a poisonous weed that must be uprooted. He emphasised countering the roots of prejudice and injustice through educational action that centres on the dignity of the individual.

“Violence against women is a poisonous weed that plagues our society and must be pulled up from its roots,” the pontiff said in a post on X. “These roots grow in the soil of prejudice and of injustice; they must be countered with educational action that places the person, with his or her dignity, at the centre”.

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