Organised tourism back to pre-pandemic levels. Image shows photos, map, journal and camera.

Organised tourism back to pre-pandemic levels

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Astoi Confindustria Viaggi said on Friday that organised tourism is back to pre-pandemic levels. Bookings as of May 31st showed an 11% increase over the same date in 2019.

Pier Ezhaya, president of Astoi Confindustria Viaggi, which represents more than 90% of Italian tour operators, said on Friday, “This is the first summer that officially certifies that we are out of the pandemic period”.

Compared to the summer of 2019, total revenues increased by 11% (6% on national destinations). The most requested destinations are Italy (Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia), Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Greece.

Long haul travel for Italians is towards the east with East Africa – Kenya, Zanzibar and Madagascar – the most popular destinations. There is also a boom in bookings for Japan. Cruises and study trips are also proving popular.

The significant increase in bookings for the shoulder months lengthens the summer season.

Why is organised tourism so popular?

The number of those who choose Organised Tourism is increasing among those who preferred the “do it yourself”. The likelihood for that increase is that there is greater security should something unexpected occur, such as a pandemic or natural disaster.

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Post-pandemic, more people are also taking out optional supplementary insurance.

As far as Organised Tourism and the ASTOI Observatory are concerned, well over 75% of budget targets and airline and hotel capacities are already saturated.

This, says ASTOI, is because our offer segment is “less for those seeking the lowest price and more at those who consider the holiday a primary asset to be chosen in time and to be delivered in safer hands.”

The upturn in revenue comes despite a 4% drop in numbers, ASTOI added.

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