Top destinations include Italy

Italy is one of Europe’s Top Destinations for Short-Term Travel

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According to the European Travel Commission (ETC) survey findings, the Mediterranean spots of Italy, Spain and Greece make the top destinations on European’s travel lists.

Mass vaccination and relaxation of entry requirements encouraged Europeans to book more short-term trips during the summer of 2021.

The Mediterranean had top destinations for short-term stays. 53% of the ETC survey’s 4,003 respondents said they booked for Italy, Spain and Greece.

The survey also reveals that outdoor places and leisure tourism were the most required type of tourism for this period. 38% of the ‘early-bird travellers’ said they plan to travel for sunbathing and beach times.

How Italy rated

About 8.9% of all respondents on ETC’s survey said they plan to visit Italy. That figure accounts for a mere 356 people. However, according to the Data Appeal Company, Italy recorded a 567% increase in flight bookings and 1091% in hotel reservations from April to July.

The majority of tourists in Italy came from Western Europe, such as Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain, and England.

“These results, though positive, remain distant from 2019 figures. When comparing flight bookings to Italy in August 2021 versus August 2019, we detected a decrease of -46%,” the data provider explains.

However, domestic tourism in Italy has surged drastically this summer, with 23 million Italians choosing their home country as a holiday destination.

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