non covid-vaccinated teachers can return to classrooms in September

Non Covid-vaccinated teachers return to classroom in September

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New Education Ministry guidelines for schools mean non Covid-vaccinated teachers can return to the classroom for the 2022-23 academic year. The Covid vaccination obligation for teachers expires on 31 August.

Italy’s schools received new covid guidelines from the Italian education ministry, according to news reports.

Along with other emergency restrictions, the covid vaccination obligation for teachers expires on 31 August. This means unvaccinated teachers can return to teach in the classroom. Also taking effect from 1st September, RAI News reported, is the dropping of the mask obligation for students and teachers.

Masks will only be required for students deemed “at risk”. Furthermore, there will be no remote teaching or distance learning – ‘didattica a distanza’ (DAD) – should a student test positive for covid.

Vaccine Mandate 2021

Under last December’s controversial vaccine mandate, teachers who refused to get vaccinated against Covid were suspended without pay. On 1st April, they were allowed to return to school but not permitted to teach.

Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Principals, told news agency Adnkronos that he was “not worried” about the number of non Covid-vaccinated teachers, which is “very low, they are just a few thousand”.

This time last year, 13% of teachers were unvaccinated against Covid.

The education ministry does not exclude the re-introduction of restrictions. However, that would only be in the event that new measures are adopted by health authorities.

Most Italian schools will reopen between 12th and 15th September.

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