13% of teachers still not had full covid vaccination cycle

Covid update: Almost 13% of teachers still not fully vaccinated

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Italian teachers have to show vaccine passports when schools reopen next month, in order to get into work. Currently, almost 13% have not had the full covid vaccination cycle.

When schools reopen next month, teachers have to show a valid vaccination passport in order to work. At the moment, 81.83% of Italian teaching staff have completed the vaccination cycle. This is according to the latest report on the vaccine rollout, released on Friday.

The ministry of health‘s report also stated that 1.82% of the country’s doctors and nurses have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Progress on the vaccination programme

Some 94.42% of doctors and nurses have completed the vaccination cycle.

Around 63.58 % of Italian 16-19-year-olds have had at least one covid jab. Of that group, some 40.5% have completed the vaccination cycle. Approximately, 36.42% have not had a single jab.

In the 50-59 age bracket, 21.23% have not been vaccinated. This equates to over two million people.

Infection rates and victims

On Friday, the health ministry reported there were 7,224 new cases of Covid-19 in Italy in the last 24 hours. There were also 49 more victims of the virus.

These figures compare to 7,260 new cases and 55 more victims Thursday. A further 220,656 more tests were taken on Friday, compared to 206,531 Thursday. The positivity rate has dropped from 3.5% to 3.27%.

Hospital admissions rose by 65 to 3,692. However, intensive care cases fell five to 455.

Since the start of the pandemic, the case tally stands at 4,471,225 and the death toll 128,683.  The recovered and discharged are now 4,211,080, up 6,211 on Thursday.

The currently positive cases are 131,462, up 960.

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