Green Pass scope extends to education

Green Pass changes come into effect next week

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On 1st September, the scope of Italy’s Green pass will extend to include other elements of transport and education. The Head Teachers Union says the school system is still not ready for the new rules.

From 1st September, the Green Pass will be required to board:

  • aeroplanes serving domestic and international destinations
  • interregional ships and ferries (except for the Strait of Messina ferry services)
  • Intercity and High Speed trains
  • long-distance buses passing through more than two regions
  • charter buses

However, the pass will not be mandatory for buses, trams and subways on local public transport networks, or for regional trains.

Italian school system “all at sea” regarding Green Pass

In addition, the Green Pass will become mandatory for all teachers and staff at schools, and students and staff at universities.

According to the head of the national association of head teachers, the Italian school system is still “all at sea” over enforcing Green Pass vaccine passports by students. Mario Rusconi, told ANSA schools were “all at sea over the green pass. He said schools will have to start at midday if teachers have to check all their students’ vaccine passports”.

For the last year, schools have, in the most part, been shut. Distance learning has been the method for students for some time.

Obligatory vaccines for public services

The national bioethics panel has said yes to making vaccines obligatory, at least for people carrying out public services.
“If you want to be in society and not stay shut up at home you need to get vaccinated,” panel chair Maurizio Mori told ANSA.

On Friday, the government’s CTS technical committee is due to examine a request to extend the Green Pass vaccine passport for up to a year. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said he was convinced the CTS will say yes. He added, he thought the third COVID dose will also start being given starting with the most vulnerable categories. Those include the immuno-depressed, those who have had transplants and the over 80s.

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