Mony-laundering ring uncovered in Rome. Image shows €50 notes in washing machine

Mafia money laundering ring uncovered


Rome DDA anti-mafia investigators have uncovered a major money laundering operation linked to crime syndicates in the Italian capital.

The investigation, which began in 2018, culminated in a significant nationwide crackdown on Tuesday, resulting in the arrest of 18 individuals.

Authorities seized assets valued at approximately €131 million during the operation, with a total of 57 people currently under investigation. The arrested individuals are allegedly members of two criminal gangs and face charges including mafia association, extortion, money laundering, and self-laundering.

Multiple mafia clans

The suspects are accused of aiding the Mazzarella and D’Amico Camorra clans, the Mancuso and Mazzaferro ‘Ndrangheta clans, and the Rome-based Senese clan.

Among those arrested are Antonio Nicoletti and Vincenzo Senese, sons of Enrico Nicoletti, a deceased member of the Banda della Magliana Roman gang, and Michele Senese, the jailed boss of the Senese clan.

Three years ago, over 100 people were arrested on Tenerife for alleged mafia controlled money laundering.

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