Multiple police forces involved in operations targetting mafia activities

Italian police target mafia in multiple operations


An ongoing operation in Cosenza, jointly conducted by the Carabinieri, the State Police, and the Financial Police, targets the ‘Ndrangheta mafia. 142 suspects were arrested, with most taken to jail whilst others were served with various precautionary measures.

The alleged crimes include mafia-type criminal association, criminal association aimed at drug trafficking, aggravated mafia methods, and other offences also involving mafia methods.

The operation targeted two gangs within the wider ‘Ndrangheta. They were the “Italian clan,” consisting of the Ruà, Patitucci, and Lanzino groups, and the Abbruzzese gang, nicknamed “Banana.”

Precautionary measures were issued by the Catanzaro district investigating judge at the request of the DDA.

In a separate DDA investigation, the Carabinieri of Turin conducted a vast operation in the provinces of Turin and Frosinone. They alsocarried out investigations in Albania, all targeting international drug trafficking.

Seizure of over a tonne of cocaine

Additionally, the Financial Police, in conjunction with the customs agency, seized 116 kg of cocaine concealed inside a container from Central America.

The drugs, valued at approximately €7million, were discovered during an inspection of the container, which had come from Genoa to Vado Ligure. Investigations are ongoing to identify the recipients of the illicit narcotics.

Naples pizzeria impounded by Finance Police

A famous Naples pizzeria, the ‘dal Presidente’, was impounded by finance police today in relation to a Camorra mafia probe.

Five people were arrested, three of whom were jailed while the others were put under house arrest.

Investigators believe that the eatery is linked to the Contini mafia clan.

The suspects face charges of fraudulent asset transfers and self-laundering, with mafia methods an aggravating factor.

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