Ilaria Salis who is being held in a HUngarian prison.

Ilaria Salis freed from detention in Hungary


Italian antifascist Ilaria Salis was freed from detention in Hungary on Friday after her recent election to the European Parliament with the Green-Left Alliance (AVS).

Following her election, Salis gained parliamentary immunity, leading to her release.

Salis, a 39-year-old elementary school teacher from Monza, had been under house arrest in Budapest after being released from prison detention. The electronic ankle bracelet she was required to wear was removed by the police. Her lawyer promptly applied for her release following her election, and she is now expected to return to Italy.

During her trial, Salis was subjected to a controversial procedure where she was led into court with her ankles and wrists cuffed, a practice Hungary claims is standard but which sparked indignation and protests in Italy.

Salis’ father, Roberto, expressed his joy and relief at her release, stating he plans to bring her home to celebrate her 40th birthday in Monza on Monday. Salis had spent 16 months in detention while on trial for allegedly attacking neo-Nazis in February the previous year.

Her alleged inhumane detention conditions had caused strong protests in Italy, especially given she faced a potential 24-year prison sentence for attempted murder. The incident she was accused of involved attacking neo-Nazis on their annual Day of Honour, but the victims did not report the attack and were quickly discharged from the hospital after brief treatment.

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