Ilaria Salis will remain in a Hungarian prison. The image shows her shackled ankles, taken from news TV programme.

Salis refused house arrest in Hungary


A Budapest court on Thursday denied Italian teacher Ilaria Salis’s request for house arrest, compelling her to remain in a Hungarian prison.

The 39-year-old from Milan has been in Hungarian prison for 13 months over allegations of involvement in an assault on two far-right militants.

Salis was once again escorted into the Budapest courtroom on Thursday, handcuffed at the wrists and shackled at the ankles, with a police officer leading her in on a chain, mirroring the scene from a previous hearing on January 29.

The video footage of the earlier hearing sparked outrage in Italy, prompting protests from Rome regarding Salis’s detention conditions. It is little different to the treatment of prisoners in many American states.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó expressed shock at the Italian response to the case. He asserted Salis is being falsely depicted as a victim and martyr.

The primary school teacher faces a potential 24-year prison sentence for the alleged assault on the neo-Nazis during their annual commemoration of a purportedly heroic Nazi unit that resisted Russian forces.

Salis friends and lawyers verbally accosted by far-right militants

A group comprising Salis’s friends and lawyers reported far-right militants accosted them upon their arrival at the court on Thursday.

“They were waiting for us and they insulted and threatened us in Hungarian,” stated Eugenio Losco, one of the lawyers. “They said shut up or we’ll split open your head.”

Salis’s legal team had sought her placement under house arrest in Hungary, a move that, if granted, would have paved the way for Rome to request her extradition to Italy for house arrest.

Roberto Salis, the woman’s father, has denounced his daughter’s trial as political.

“My daughter’s situation has increasingly become a political trial,” he remarked at a press conference organised at the European Parliament earlier this month by Green-Left Alliance MEP Massimiliano Smeriglio and Democratic Party (PD) MEP Brando Benifei.

 “On February 28, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto made a statement declaring my daughter guilty and expressing hope for exemplary punishment.

“All this is unacceptable in a country that upholds the rule of law and is a member of the EU.”

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