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Florence building collapse – three dead, others missing

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Three workers are dead, three injured but not in a life-threatening condition and two are missing feared dead after a Florence building collapse on Friday, civil protection regional spokesperson Monia Monni said.

The Florence building collapse occurred Friday morning at a supermarket construction site in Via Mariti, on the outskirts of the city.

Tuscany Governor Eugenio Giani said eight people in all were involved in the disaster, with two workers taken to hospital in code yellow.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on social media said on social media: “On my own behalf and on behalf of the Government, I express my condolences for the victims of the collapse of a girder on a building site in Florence.

“I follow with apprehension the evolution of the situation and I thank all those who are participating in the search for the missing and in the rescue operations for the injured.

“Our deepest condolences to the families affected by this terrible tragedy”.

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella said Friday, “I give my heartfelt thanks to President Mattarella for voicing to me on the phone his closeness and condolences for the tragedy at the Florence building site,” Nardella said on X.

“I have proclaimed city mourning for tomorrow with a suspension of all events.” Nardella, who is in Israel on a visit, said “I will bring forward my return from the Holy land with the first flight I can get on to”.

Prosecution file opened for culpable homicide

The Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office on Friday opened a file, at the moment with no suspects, for culpable collapse and manslaughter.

The building site has been placed under formal legal sequestration and has been cordoned off. ASL local health agency technicians are quizzing site personnel.

Unions angered over more workplace deaths

Maurizio Landini, head of Italy’s biggest and most leftwing trade union federation CGIL, on Friday commented that the government had seen 1,000 workers die last year and had nonetheless reintroduced allegedly unsafe sub-contracting.

“In 2023 there were 1,000 deaths at work and often these accidents are produced by the system of subcontracting and the logic of tenders at the highest price,” said the CGIL leader.

“I want to recall that it was this government that amended the procurement code and reintroduced the subcontracting cascade”, he said.

“It is necessary for there to be an immediate reaction and I also think it is necessary to arrive at a general initiative next week, which I will also propose to the other unions, because it is no longer acceptable to continue dying at work.”

CISL, Italy’s second biggest trade union federation, on Friday announced a national mobilisation against a spate of workplace accident deaths in Italy.

“The Florence tragedy is the umpteenth event in a massacre that must end and which despoils even the most elementary Constitutional rights,” said leader Luigi Sbarra. He announced assemblies in factors, work sites and offices across the country.

“We must stop the trail of blood and we must do so now,” he said.

“The government must immediately restart talks with the unions to build a national strategy together with the employers’ associations”.

League responds to CGIL comments

This did not go down well with the right-wing League party who issued a statement. “The words of Maurizio Landini, who comments on the accident at work in Florence also blaming the new procurement code, are disgusting: the secretary of the CGIL ignores that the new rules were wanted by Europe, so much so that Italy was at risk of infringement, and that they have nothing to do with the tragedy,” read a League statement.

“The ideological hatred of the CGIL does not stop even in the face of tragedies,” said the second biggest member of Giorgia Meloni’s government.

Government weighing more measures

The government is weighing more measures to stem the spate of workplace accidents in Italy, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Marina Calderone, said on Friday.

The collapse on the building site for a new supermarket in Florence is a “terrible tragedy.”

“Through the staff of the National Labour Inspectorate and the Carabinieri of the Labour Protection Command present on site in support of the judicial authority, I am following the rescue operations and the search for the missing in order to shed light on what has happened and to take any further action necessary with respect to what has been done so far”, she said.

Calderone expressed “deep condolences for the victims” and thanked “the rescuers for what they are doing in these hours”.

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