Extreme weather in Italy

Extreme weather in Italy


The civil protection department has put parts of Veneto on red alert for extreme weather on Wednesday. A wave of torrential rain and powerful winds continues to batter much of Italy.

Other parts of Veneto and of Emilia-Romagna are on orange alert, the second-highest level, due to the weather front, which has also brought heavy snowfall to areas at altitude.

Services on the Milan-Venice railway between Vicenza and Padua remained suspended on Wednesday. They were halted on Tuesday due to the risk of floods and mudslides.

Schools in Vicenza are closed on Wednesday as a precaution.

The heavy rainfall has lifted the level of many rivers, with some dangerously close to breaking their banks.

The River Arno is among those that are being monitored closely.

1,000 cut off on outskirts of Genoa

In another instance of extreme weather, some 1,000 people have been cut off by a landslide in the village of Pieve Ligure on the outskirts of Genoa.

The municipality of Pieve Ligure decided to close local schools Tuesday. Some people were evacuated and have found independent accommodation.

Connections with the upper part of the village are guaranteed by a vehicle of the municipality.

A Tyrrhenian cyclone hit Italy and it will rain all week in most parts, weatherman Antonio Sanò said on Tuesday. The country will also be whipped by string sirocco winds, he said.

Sunny conditions will return to the south next weekend while the north and part of the centre will see more rainstorms, and snow at 1,200-1,300 metres, said Sanò.

October last year was the last incident of widespread extreme weather.

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