Milan floods after bad weather hits Italy

Northern Italy lashed by bad weather

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Italy has experienced another bout of severe bad weather, resulting in further flooding and flash floods triggered by sudden storms. These storms disrupted the unusually mild autumn temperatures, releasing substantial amounts of water that have placed multiple towns and cities in crisis.

In Milan, the northern region experienced flooding from the Seveso River, leading to the partial suspension of the M3 highway. Lake Como also saw flooding, while rising water levels in the Adige and Po Rivers raised concerns about potential flooding.

In Milan, extensive inconveniences affected at least three districts in the northern part of the metropolis: Isola, Maggiolina, and Niguarda. These issues extended to road transportation and public transit, with flooded underpasses and a suspended segment of Metro Line 3. Several key roadways, such as Viale Fulvio Testi and Viale Zara, crucial for connecting to the metropolitan belt and highways, either closed or became impassable.

Seveso river floods

The Seveso River’s flooding subsided after approximately 6 hours and ended at 12 PM, following an intense period of rainfall that amounted to “31 mm of rain in an hour,” as reported by the municipal safety councilor Marco Granelli.

Granelli criticised the Lombardy Region, noting, “And some still say that tanks are not needed. The Milan tank is being tested, but those of the Lombardy Region are behind.”

Lombardy Governor Attilio Fontana responded by asserting, “I believe that Granelli should focus on better city management because I believe that many situations like these have never occurred, revealing complete neglect.” He further clarified that “rolling tanks” will be ready, with the first one due for delivery by the end of January and the second by March, as they adhere to the stipulated timelines.

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala also commented on the situation, highlighting the unpredictability of meteorological conditions. “I would like to point out that a yellow alert was issued by the regional Civil Protection last night, theoretically not causing concern.”

Lombardy and Veneto suffer significant disruption

Significant disruptions also occurred in various other parts of Lombardy. In Mediglia (Milan), firefighters had to rescue a woman and her two children trapped in a vehicle due to a fallen tree.

Firefighters across the province responded to incidents involving scaffolding, signage, unstable roof tiles, and numerous flooded basements. Flooding led to blockages and lengthy queues on the Milan-Meda highway, while a railway line fault between Mariano Comense and Seveso caused delays in Trenord train services.

Lake Como experienced rising water levels, prompting the installation of mobile barriers along the lakeshore. Severe weather also affected the Valtellina and Valchiavenna regions, causing flooding, minor landslides, and the toppling of precarious trees, requiring the deployment of around twenty firefighters throughout the area.

Authorities closed several Alpine passes due to snow, while others were only passable with tire chains. The Lodi region experienced gusty winds with peak speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour recorded.

In Verona, concerns mounted over the rising waters of the Adige River following heavy rainfall in recent hours. In Viareggio (Lucca), a near-tragic incident occurred when inclement weather caused a structure to collapse onto a passing car with two women inside. Fortunately, both occupants escaped unharmed.

Forecast for coming days

According to Antonio Sanò, founder of the website, a string of disturbances will hit Italy for at least another ten days.  November 3rd will mark the thermal turning point with temperatures dropping.

The weather forecast for the coming days is:

Wednesday 1st November – In the north: lots of clouds, occasional showers. In the center: rains in Umbria and Lazio. In the south: it worsens from the afternoon on Campania, Basilicata and Puglia.

Thursday 2nd November – In the north: bad weather. In the centre: bad weather in Tuscany, scattered rain on the rest of the Tyrrhenian coasts, better on the Adriatic coasts. In the south: variable, sometimes sunny, some showers on the Tyrrhenian coast.

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