Shown the caldera at Campi Flegrei which, due to its seismic movements, is now the focus on an evcuation plan.

Evacuation plan for Campi Flegrei

By Region News Southern Italy

An evacuation plan for the Campi Flegrei volcanic and seismic zone is to be drawn up within three months. This is according to the draft of the decree on the Phlegraean Fields, developed by the Ministry for Civil Protection.

According to the document, the Department of Civil Protection – in conjunction with the Campania Region, the Prefecture of Naples, the bodies and territorial administrations concerned – within ninety days from the date of entry into force of the decree are responsible for the new evacuation plan. They will draw up “a specific emergency expeditious plan for the territory concerned, based on the knowledge of danger developed by the Competence Centers and containing the operating procedures to be adopted in the event of a resurgence” of the phenomenon of bradyseism.

The planning will be tested through exercise activities of the national civil protection service.

The government envisages a constant monitoring plan and splitting the area up into micro-zones. Each zone will analyse seismic earth movements and facilitate operations, government sources said.

Extraordinary Evacuation Plan for bradyseism in Campi Flegrei

An “extraordinary plan for analysing the vulnerability of built-up areas directly affected by the bradyseismic phenomenon” is provided for in the draft decree.

Bradyseism is when the earth rises, or falls, caused by the filling or emptying of underground magma chambers.

There is not an imminent threat of an eruption, most volcanologists say. However, with the ground currently rising by 1.5cm a month, there is concern about the impact on local buildings.

The plan consists of four points: a seismic micro-zonation study; an analysis of the seismic vulnerability of private buildings; an analysis of the seismic vulnerability of public buildings; and a programme to implement seismic and structural monitoring.

The last time Campi Flegrei suffered a comparable burst of earthquakes was in the 1980s. On that occasion, 40,000 people were temporarily evacuated from nearby Pozzuoli.

The last significant eruption was in 1538. One of its biggest eruptions took place 39,000 years ago. Researchers believe it may have led to the extinction of Neanderthal man. Magma from that blast has been found in Greenland, 4,500km away.

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