Crane collapse kills three

Three workers killed by crane collapse in Turin

By Region News North-west Italy

One crane was constructing another larger crane when they collapsed on to buildings and vehicles. Three workers died as a result of the crane collapse and three further people were injured.

Three workers died in Turin after a crane they were mounting toppled over in via Genova, injuring passers-by.

Photographs on the official firefighters service Twitter account showed a large blue crane toppled across a road between two six-storey buildings.

“Could have been a massacre”

Two people, one in the street and one in a car, were injured in the incident.

Ansa news agency report a trader as saying, “a few seconds before the collapse of the crane a bus had passed. The car hit was immediately behind it.”

A man was travelling in the car who sustained minor injuries. “The driver of the bus,” adds another resident, “must have heard the bang behind him. After a moment of hesitation he accelerated and went away”.

“A red light and a little queue were enough,” observed a third. “The massacre would have been even worse”.

The mayor, who visited the scene, expressed his condolences to the families of the three victims.

There has been a spate of workplace accidents in Italy in 2021.

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