Rome – another fatal workplace accident

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A worker died falling from scaffolding in Rome today. He was the latest fatal workplace accident this year in Italy.

The fatal workplace accident took place in central Via Merulana, Rome. Emergency services rushed to the scene but were unable to save the man.

Reports say the man fell scaffolding about 20 meters high, which had no protection.   The worker fell inside a convent, the Generalate of the Daughters of Sant’Anna. He died instantly.

High number of work-related deaths in 2021

Such deaths are a national tragedy, Justice Minister Marta Cartabia said on 22nd October. At the time, she said the government had intervened by increasing the number of inspectors and checks. However, a new law on administrative responsibility would be even more useful in stopping the rash of fatalities.

Premier Mario Draghi said on 17th October that workplace safety norms recently approved by the government sent the “unequivocal signal that you cannot save (money) at the expense of workers’ lives”. That came after a spate continued with four more deaths in one day.

“As the government, we committed ourselves to doing everything possible to prevent these episodes happening again,” Draghi said.

 “The norms are the realisation of this promise. We are increasing the numbers of workplace inspectors, we are stiffening sanctions, we are boosting computerization to improve checks.” Italy’s big three trade-union confederations, CGIL, CISL and UIL, held a major demonstration in Rome earlier this month to demand urgent action on health and safety to stem the tide of deaths.

There have been over 800 fatal workplace accidents in Italy in 2021. Only last week, three workers died when a large crane collapsed in Turin.

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