Arrests over illegal dumping of waste in Campania. The areas is known as the land of fires due to burning of the illegal waste dumps. Image:

Arrests over illegal dumping in Campania

By Region News Southern Italy

On Tuesday, Carabinieri executed arrest warrants for 12 individuals in a significant operation targeting illegal dumping in Campania.

This operation stems from an investigation into the unlawful disposal of over 1,000 tonnes of industrial waste at the Tufino public facility in Naples. The facility is designated for processing regular urban waste.

The illegal dumping of ferrous waste damaged the facility’s equipment, causing prolonged outages and resulting in approximately half a million euros in damages to Naples waste agency Sapna.

Additionally, Naples police seized assets worth €200million from three businessmen – brothers Giovanni, Cuono, and Salvatore Pellini – who were convicted of waste management-related felonies. The Pellini brothers have been definitively convicted of illegal waste trafficking and are held responsible for pollution in Acerra, part of Campania‘s notorious ‘Land of Fires,’ where criminal organisations have been dumping and burning toxic waste for decades.

These assets had been impounded previously, but the brothers won a legal challenge against the original confiscation order, arguing that it had been filed too late.

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