Theatre of Nero remains uncovered in Rome

Theatre of Nero discovered near Vatican

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Archaeologists uncover remains of what they believe is the Ancient Theatre of Nero. During excavations on the west bank of the Tiber, the exceptional discovery came to light.

Until now, the remains of the Theatre of Nero has been a mystery. Now, during excavations on the west bank of the River Tiber in Rome, archaeologists have uncovered what they think is the theatre.

The headquarters of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is in the Palazzo della Rovere. During excavations in the palace’s courtyard, which started in 2020, rooms have been uncovered.

They are said to include parts of the semi-circular cavea, marble columns, gold-leaf stucco decorations and rooms thought to have been used as storage areas for costumes and stage sets. Built by the Emperor Nero during his reign (AD 54-68), the theatre’s exact location was unknown.

“This is an exceptionally important discovery that testifies to the place where Nero rehearsed his poetry and singing performances, documented in ancient sources but never discovered,” said Rome Special Superintendent Daniela Porro.

Also found at the same excavation site were remains of the Horti di Agrippina, where the Emperor Caligula had a large circus built for horse racing. In addition, traces of productive and pilgrimage activities during the Middle Ages have been uncovered.

During the drought last year, Nero’s bridge across the Tiber was uncovered due to low water levels.

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