Paestum, where the little temple is revealing interesting new finds

Italy’s Top Archaeological Finds of 2023

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At Italy News Online, we’ve reported on a number of discoveries from ancient times. From incomparable mosaics in Rome to Pompeii’s pizza fresco, we take a look back at some of Italy’s top archaeological finds of 2023.

Unparalleled mosaic near Rome Forum

December 2023

Mosaic in Rome domus, one of the most significant archaeological finds of 2023

“The most remarkable aspect of the uncovered domus is a wall adorned with a mosaic, unparalleled in terms of both chronology and scene complexity. The mosaic comprises different types of shells, Egyptian blue tesserae, precious glass, and minute flakes of white marble or other stones.”

Two-metre high status of Apollo

November 2023

The digs at San Casciano Baths had uncovered earlier a number of bronze sculptures. This was superceded with a marble statue of Apollo in pursuit of a lizard, standing at around 2 metres in height.

Pompeii vote buying – give them bread!

October 2023

“Pompeii Archaeological sites unearth tangible proof that vote buying was not uncommon in ancient Pompeii. In one particular case, bread was the dough which brought in the votes.”

Plautus temple discovered

August 2023

“A well-preserved Ancient Roman temple has been found in the northern city where famous early Roman playwright Plautus was born.”

Pompeii ancestor of modern pizza

July 2023

Pompeii precursor to pizza. Image shows precursor to pizza on pompeii fresco. Image courtesy of italy culture ministry

Archaeologists uncover evidence of what is being considered the Pompeii precursor to pizza. The fresco, found in the hall of a house next to a bakery, may be an “ancestor” of the modern pizza.

Theatre of Nero discovered near Vatican

July 2023

Excavations on the west bank of the Tiber uncover what is believed to be the remains of Nero’s theatre.

Ancient Paestum’s ‘Little Temple

April 2023

“The excavations to uncover the temple discovered in 2019 by the ruins of the walls of the ancient Greek city of Paestum have produced some huge surprises.”

Hercules uncovered in Roman sewer

April 2023

Hercules statue found on Appian Way to go on display

A life-size statue of Hercules found during recent sewer work on the Appian Way in Rome.

Ancient symbol of Rome found on golden glass

February 2023

“Excavation work for the Metro C underground line has revealed an artefact from Ancient Rome. On a piece of golden glass is the ancient symbol of Rome.”

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