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Vacation and vaccination in Sicily this summer?

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The president of the Sicilian region, Musumeci, declares Sicily is ready to welcome visitors. There’s also the offer of vaccination in Sicily, too.

In an interview with Tgcom24, the president of the Sicialian region – Musumeci – declared, “For the summer we are ready to welcome and vaccinate tourists too”.

“We weren’t categorised as a red or orange zone very much, and we were careless over the Easter period which we paid for. Now everything is ready for the yellow zone, which isn’t the best, but at least it allows us to revive the economy,” Musumeci stated. “We are working to open new hubs” he added.

Sicilian president optimistic

“In the last few days, we have had an increase in the bookings for Astrazeneca, a direct move to the vaccination point. I am optimistic” said Musumeci.

“We plan to host millions of tourists this summer. We are ready to put at their disposal the possibility of getting vaccinated.”

“In the last 4 days in Sicily, we have administered 150 thousand vaccines, a figure that gives me hope. To leave this situation we need to be vaccinated. In the last few days, we have focused on economic operators and we are working to secure the tourism sector.

Anyone who comes to Sicily will be able to activate a call centre should they need a doctor. With this in mind, everyone can enjoy a serene holiday.”

If you’re looking for a serene time head to Sicily for both a vacation and vaccination this summer.

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