Jam of gondolas in Venice. To combat crowds, a trial of the Venice ticket system will start in 2024.

Venice authorities approve tourist charge trial

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Authorities have given their final approval for a trial period of charging tourists €5 a day to enter Venice. The Venice ticket system is planned to commence next spring.

The Venice council assembly yesterday approved a proposal by the executive for the trial of a €5 entry ticket. It is part of efforts to limit the tourist flows that risk suffocating the city.

The trial will take place over 30 days in 2024. The days are yet to be confirmed but will be when the number of visitors to the city is expected to be especially high. Those days are usually national holidays and weekends in spring and summer.

Visitors will have to book tickets online in advance.

Residents, commuters, students, children under 14, people staying in the city , plus people visiting for sporting events will be exempt from having to buy the ticket.

Commenting on this decision, the member of the municipal council responsible for tourism, Simone Venturini, emphasised Venice is one of the most visited European cities. As a result, it bears the weight of excessive tourism.

The announcement comes ahead of UNESCO’s 45th World Heritage Committee in Riyadh in September. UNESCO intends to add Venice to the list of endangered sites having expressed dissatisfaction with the progress regarding over-tourism.

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