Venice to require bookings for tourists from summer 2022

Venice takes over €700,000 in first 8 days of charge

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In the eight days since the implementation of the Venice charge for day-trippers, the city has already amassed the projected revenue for the entire three-month duration of the trial initiative.

According to reports from Corriere della Sera newspaper, over 144,000 day-tripping visitors paid the €5 entry fee from April 25th to May 2nd, contributing to the city’s earnings of just over €723,000.

Michele Zuin, Venice’s budget councillor, noted that the council had conservatively estimated these figures in its budget planning. Meanwhile, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has repeatedly said the trial measure will likely result in higher costs for the city compared to its earnings.

Corriere della Sera further reports that the entry fee system will incur expenses of around €3 million for Venice. This includes various aspects such as communication campaigns, information panels, ticket checks, and the development of the booking website.

The introduction of this scheme, operational on 29 days during public holidays and weekends between April and July this year, is part of Venice’s efforts to alleviate the strain of mass tourism on the city.

The entry fee is applicable from 08:30 to 16:00 until Sunday, May 5th, and on every weekend from May 11th to July 14th (excluding June 1st and 2nd). Notably, the fee only pertains to tourists on day trips, with penalties of up to €300 for violators.

Venice residents, children under 14, and disabled visitors, along with their carers, are exempt from paying the fee.

Mayor Brugnaro has stated that the objective is to enhance the city’s livability for all. However, the initiative has faced opposition from some local residents who criticise it for transforming Venice into a mere “theme park.”

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