Bersaglieri rally, Ascoli Piceno 5th May 2024

Bersaglieri rally in Ascoli Piceno

By Region Central Italy News

The 71st edition of the Bersaglieri rally took place in Ascoli Piceno today. The Bersaglieri are part of the Italian army which date originally to 1836.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Ascoli Piceno during the national Bersaglieri rally. Greeted warmly by Mayor Marco Fioravanti in Piazza del Popolo, she paused to engage with locals, exchanging handshakes and capturing selfies with those who greeted her with a cheerful “hello Giorgia.” Following this, she embarked on a visit to the renowned Caffe Meletti, steeped in history.

From the terrace of Caffè Meletti, the Prime Minister extended her greetings to the crowd. Amidst the ceremonial delivery of the plumed hat to Meloni and Mayor Marco Fioravanti, accompanied by a fanfare parade, she crossed through the town to Piazza Arringo and awaited for the solemn “Passing of the Cue” ceremony.

In a separate context, President Sergio Mattarella conveyed a poignant message to the President of the National Bersaglieri Association, Brigadier General Ottavio Renzi, on the occasion of the 71st national meeting.

Recognising the valour and sacrifice of the Bersaglieri throughout history, Mattarella praised their steadfast loyalty to the nation’s institutions and their indispensable role in maintaining peace.

Similarly, President of the Marche Region, Francesco Acquaroli, expressed gratitude to the Bersaglieri for bringing their gathering to Ascoli Piceno.

Addressing the assembly, Acquaroli further acknowledged the profound impact the event had on the community. He extended his appreciation to the municipal administration for their role in organising the memorable occasion.

Who are the Bersaglieri?

Italian Army - Bersaglieri - Ukraine in 1941
Bersaglieri in Ukraine, 1941

The Bersaglier are a specialised unit of marksmen within the Italian Army’s infantry division. Established by General Alessandro Ferrero La Marmora on June 18, 1836, they initially served in the Royal Sardinian Army, later integrated into the Royal Italian Army.

Easily identifiable by their iconic wide-brimmed hats adorned with black western capercaillie feathers, which are worn as part of their formal uniform, these feathers are also affixed to their combat helmets.

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