Venice showing the Chiesa della Salute and entrance to the Grand Canal

Tomorrow and tomorrow… Venice says it will introduce charging next year

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Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said today the lagoon city would trial an entry fee for day trippers starting next year (2024). This is not the first time the city has said it will charge to reduce congestion.

The mayor said the fee would not be applied on certain historic dates like the Historic Regatta or the Feast of the Redeemer; “because it makes no sense to restrict these daylong events”.

The fee would most likely be applied “on the most critical weekends”, said Brugnaro. Venice has for years suffered from over tourism and native city residents are being driven out.

Mayor Brugnaro has said tourists who book their entry into Venice when the new system starts next year will have a discount on the fee.

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Culture Minister to “study” proposed fee

Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano said recently he would “study” the proposed entrance fee for Venice due to kick in next year to ease overcrowding in the iconic lagoon city.

Sangiuliano said: “I’ll study (the fee proposals), I’ll take an in-depth look at the issues and then I’ll express a definite point of view. In general, I say that the issue of overcrowding in art cities, which puts the cities themselves at risk, must be addressed”.

The minister did not say how he thought the new proposed fee should be levied. “I will be able to say that only when I have studied the dossier in depth.

“Something, of course, must be done to ensure a lightening and compatibility of access to cities, also considering the legal problems related to the international mobility of people”.

An entrance fee for the fragile lagoon city has been mooted for years. The amount of the fee is still under discussion.

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