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Italy at the top of the general ranking of European “tourism reputation”

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Italy is top of a new ranking for overall tourism reputation as a European tourist destination by the market research company Demoskopika.

Italy comes top of the new European Tourism Reputation Index at 109.1 points, followed by Spain at 105.3 points and Germany at 101.6 points.

The country ranks first in three out of five indicators used by Demoskopika. They are online research destination, popularity and Tripadvisor confidence. Italy came second in its evaluation of the accommodation system.

European Tourism Reputation Index by Demoskopika.
Image courtesy of Demoskopika

Demoskopika drew up the ranking of EU countries that stand out for their “fame” due to their scenic beauty and tourist and cultural attractions. Among the regions, surprisingly Sardinia is in the top three. In first place is Trentino Alto Adige, followed by Sicily and Veneto.

Social network communication needs improving

Italy slipped to fifth place in the Social Reputation Rating ranking (101.8 points).

However, institutional communication on social networks needs work. The institutional channels monitored (Enit, are not adequately exploited unlike some competitors (Spain, Portugal, Greece and Germany).

“The study highlights the need to align with the strategies of our main European competitors in the use of social pages by implementing more incisive actions to promote the Italian tourist offer,” explains the president of Demoskopika, Raffaele Rio.

“Being the most desired and popular nation is undoubtedly a fact that makes us look at the present with satisfaction and the future with optimism,” commented the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanché.

She added, “However, it is not enough for us to be the most sought after destination online, we cannot stop at this: we must aspire to make Italy capable of presenting the best tourist offer, in terms of richness, depth and quality, so as to be not only the sexiest destination on the internet, but also the most chosen one.”

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