Terrorist threat in Bologna

Terrorist threat in Bologna over Cospito case


The threat of a major terrorist attack in Bologna linked to the case of jailed anarchist leader Alfredo Cospito was made in an anonymous phone call on Tuesday. The Resto del Carlino, the daily newspaper, today announced it had received the threat.

The DIGOS special operations unit of the police spoke to the Il Resto del Carlino employee who took the call. They are investigating tracing where it came from.

Cospito has been on hunger strike for over 100 days to protest against the tough 41 bis prison regime he is being held under. Normally, 41 bis is reserved for mafia bosses.

Anarchist groups have embarked on a wave of violent protests and acts of vandalism against public institutions in relation to Cospito’s case.

Earlier this week, politician Donzelli questioned the PD whether they were in support of State or terrorists regarding the Cospito case.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, the newspaper received an anonymous letter threatening Premier Giorgia Meloni and Defence Minister Guido Crosetto over the government’s policy of giving military aid to Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

“If it continues, we will be forced to take serious measures,” the letter said.

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