FAI protest in Turin ends in violence adn vandalism

Anarchists vandalise Turin during protest

By Region News North-west Italy

There was violence and vandalism in Turin on Monday when around 250 anarchists took to the streets. They were protesting in solidarity with jailed members of FAI.

The protestors, many wearing helmets, let off flares and firecrackers and sprayed graffiti on the walls of banks in Turin. When a barman went out to complain about the vandalism, he was beaten up.

Informal Anarchist Federation members jailed

Members of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) protested on the day of a hearing regarding Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino. Cospito and Beniamino are in prison and currently on hunger strike.

The jailed FAI members are both on hunger strike to protest against the tough 41 bis jail regime for terrorists and mafiosi. Cospito is currently being held in Sassari prison under this regime.

What is FAI?

FAI is an insurrectionary anarchist organisation opposed to capitalism, nationalism, and Marxism. It carried out terrorist attacks, which it calls acts of “revolutionary armed action”, in Italy and abroad over the last few years.

The FAI is accused of carrying out some 60 subversive attacks in almost 20 years of activity. Its stated aim is to bring about the “destruction of the State and capital” by targeting the structures of “domination”.

It is suspected anarchists were behind the car firebombing in Athens. The car belonged to Susanna Schlein, a senior official at the Italian embassy in Athens.

Before the attack slogans were daubed on the embassy expressing support for Cospito. One of the protest slogans read: “the 41 bis regime in Italy is torture”.

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