Alfredo Cospito moved to different prison

Cospito won’t be force fed says lawyer


A lawyer for jailed Italian anarchist leader, Alfredo Cospito, said on Monday his client will not agree to being force fed. This despite his transfer to a Milanese jail’s ICU amid a wave of attacks and protests in his support.

Cospito has lost 45kg on a hunger strike against his anti-mafia 41 bis prison regime.

“He will not accept food and will definitely continue his hunger strike”, the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, Alfredo Cospito’s defence counsel, told reporters.

Despite saying they would not give in to attacks and would keep Cospito on the 41 bis regime, authorities on Monday ordered the transfer of the anarchist. Cospito has been on hunger strike for more than one hundred days. Authorities have moved the prisoner from Sassari prison to Opera prison in Milan and, in particular, to the Milanese prison’s ‘Intensified Care Service’, a kind of ICU.

His doctor said Sunday he risked having heart fibrillations after falling in the shower and breaking his nose last Thursday and being forced to use a wheelchair.

“The only novelty of this transfer is that in the Opera facility they have specialists able to intervene promptly in case of emergency,” stressed Rossi Albertini.

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