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On this day in history: St Peter’s Basilica Rome consecrated

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On 18th November 1626, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome was completed and consecrated. It replaced the fourth century Basilica constructed over what was believed to be the burial site of Saint Peter.

Thought to be the largest church in the world, Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

Michelangelo, Bernini and Bramante were three of the artistic geniuses who worked on the church’s design. Located within Vatican City, visitors approach the Basilica along Via della Conciliazione and through St Peter’s Square.

St Peter’s – burial place of saint

It is believed that St Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus, was executed in Rome on 13 October, 64 AD during the reign of the Emperor Nero. He was buried close to the place of his martyrdom. The old St Peter’s Basilica was constructed over the burial site 300 years later.

Archaeologists carried out research under the present day Basilica during the last century. Pope Pius XII announced the discovery of St Peter’s tomb in 1950.

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