San Severo - man rams car after refusing to show Green Pass

Man rams car into town hall after being asked for Green Pass

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A local resident in San Severo, Foggia, rammed his car into the town hall after being asked for a valid Green Pass. Police cited the 50-year-old man. In other Covid news, the rule on wearing masks outdoors has been lifted.

A man was cited by Italian police in San Severo for ramming his car into municipal offices with his car. The local man was trying to get a certificate from the town hall, but was required to show a Covid Green Pass before entering the building.

He refused to show the Pass, but succeeded in getting past the guard to reach the offices inside. He was then escorted out by security, reports La Repubblica newspaper.

The clearly unhappy individual responded by driving his car at full tilt into the building’s entrance. In doing so, he crashed into the municipal Fiat Panda, damaging the vehicle and a parked motorcycle. He also knocked down some scaffolding.

There were no injuries in the incident, which took place on Thursday morning.  

Mask obligation outdoors has been lifted

The obligation to wear masks now applies only in crowded outdoor areas, as well as public indoor venues. However, people are still required to carry masks with them in case needed.

There is one exception to the easing of the outdoor mask rule. In the southern Campania region around Naples, the governor Vincenzo De Luca ordered that masks must be worn outdoors until 28 February.

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