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Senator suspended for not showing Green Pass at Senate building

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Laura Granato, an Italian senator, was suspended on Tuesday for ten days after entering the Senate building in Rome without a Green Pass. Since Friday (15th October) the Green Pass has been required in all workplaces.

Laura Granato, a former member of Five StarMovement (M5S) and has since joined a breakaway group, will be deprived of her daily allowance for the ten days.

She entered the Senate but later refused to show her Green Pass. The pass is required in all workplaces – public and private. It shows proof of a coronavirus vaccination, negative test result or recent recovery from Covid-19.

“Certificate of Obedience”

Granato was at the Senate to attend a parliamentary meeting on the Green Pass, which she described to reporters as a “certificate of obedience”.

Italy has the toughest health measures in the world. Since Friday, the pass has been required of all public and private sector workers.

1 million downloaded

On Monday, more than 1 million Green Passes were downloaded in the first full week of work under the new regulations.

The broad scope of the pass is meant to drive an increase in vaccinations. However, the download figures show the majority chose to take a test rather than the vaccine. Around 90% of the passes downloaded on Monday show results of a swab not jab.

The government figures show 86% of Italians aged over 12 have received at least one dose. Meanwhile 81% are fully vaccinated.  

Estimates put 3 million workers as unvaccinated.

Protests continue to take place in pockets across the country in response to the measures. The largest demonstration was held by dock workers in the northeastern city of Trieste.

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