digital green pass use may be expanded

Italy may expand scope of the European Green Pass

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The Italian government is considering expanding the scope of the European Green Pass. This is part of an effort to combat a resurgence in COVID-19 due to the spread of the Delta variant, Ansa news agency reported on Wednesday.

The digital green certificate, or green pass, has someone’s covid history. It shows if someone has had a Covid-19 vaccination, has recovered from it or has recently tested negative. Currently, the pass is necessary for travel abroad and access to certain events, such as weddings, sporting events, concerts. It is also used to visit care homes.

Following France’s example?

In France, the green pass will soon be obligatory to enter places of culture where there are over 50 people. In August, access to bars, restaurants, shopping centres, trains, coaches and aeroplanes will require the green pass.

The expanded use of the pass “will be the subject of discussion and assessment” by Draghi’s government “in the coming days”, the sources said.

For and against

 Health Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri is in favour of the move.  “Just think about night clubs,” Sileri said in an interview with Il Messaggero on Wednesday. “If we allowed clubs to open to customers with the green pass, we would have people between 18 and 40 rushing to get vaccinated”.

However, the same newspaper’s headline later on Wednesday told another story. It declared Salvini told prime minister Draghi, “No to the French model, we are not for extremism”.

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