triple jabbed quarantine times may reduce

Quarantine to be cut for the triple jabbed

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The Italian government considers cutting the length of quarantine for the triple jabbed who have come into contact with a COVID-positive person. The start date is the beginning of January, sources said.

The idea is to cut self-isolation from seven to 3-5 days for the triple jabbed. The government’s advisory scientific panel on COVID, the CTS, will meet tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss.  

This comes amid a surge in the highly infectious, but apparently less severe, Omicron variant, they said.

Currently, there are around 2.5million people isolating in Italy after contacts with COVID positive people. Unless the quarantine time reduces, sources said, there may be a “paralysis” of productive activities.

Government considering shortening isolation period

 Francesco Figliuolo, pandemic emergency commissioner, confirmed the government is considering shortening the quarantine period for the triple jabbed. He said scientists were studying the move with the Higher Health Institute (ISS).

 Sources told the ANSA news agency the government is weighing up the consequences  of cutting quarantine for those who have had their booster jab. They may also consider it for those who have two doses.

 The independent health group GIMBE said quarantine should be reduced for those who have had their third (booster) jabs.

Politicians call for quarantine reduction

Two northern Italian governors from the rightwing League party, Luca Zaia of Veneto and Massimiliano Fedriga of Friuli, joined the chorus calling for the reduction.

 The gap between having the second COVID-19 jab and the booster dose reduces to four months from January 10, Figliuolo also said Monday.

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