Covid vaccine boosters

Covid vaccine boosters due four months after last dose in Italy

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As per the decree on Christmas Eve, Italy will shorten the gap between second dose and vaccine boosters. Today, the pandemic emergency commissioner confirmed this will take effect from January 10th.

Italy’s pandemic emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, confirmed on Monday vaccine boosters will be available four months after the last dose.

The date had been only hypothetical, following the government announcement of new measures on Thursday. Figliuolo confirmed the date during a visit to a vaccination hub in Piedmont, Italian news agency Ansa reported.

Booster schedule

Currently, Italy allows the administration of the booster five months after completion of the vaccination cycle.

Figliuolo shortening the gap between doses “will give a further boost” to Italy’s vaccination campaign. He added health authorities are “racing to try to stem the Omicron variant”.

Cases have reached an all-time high in recent days.

Vaccination progress

Almost 90% of the Italian population now has at least some immunity to Covid, Figliuolo said, “between first doses and those recovered within the past six months”. However, there still remain around 5.7 million eligible adults who have not taken the vaccine. The 30-59 age group has the highest number of unvaccinated.

“I’m still concerned by the vaccine hesitant; there are a few million people who could give us a hand in curbing the virus and especially these variants,” he said.

Further measures?

When asked if the government would consider further measures to increase vaccination coverage, Figliuolo said “I believe that bringing forward the third dose forward to four months from January 10th is a balanced choice for now. But I don’t want to rule anything out.

“We have seen how quickly this virus moves with its variants, and that what one says today can be changed tomorrow by evidence from the field.

“Omicron is much more contagious than Delta, some say up to five times more,” he continued. “Fortunately for now there is no clinical evidence of increased seriousness. However, it is clear those who are fully vaccinated and especially those who have had the booster are well covered against Omicron.”

The Italian Health Ministry’s website has full details on Italy’s current Covid-19 health measures please.

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