Still from Meloni government one-year anniversary video

One-year anniversary of Meloni government


Premier Giorgia Meloni told a rally of her right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) marking the one-year anniversary of government Sunday, that she walked tall and did not make compromises.

At the Brancaccio Theatre in Rome on Sunday morning, Meloni’s right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party celebrated the anniversary with an event called ‘Winning Italy – A year of results’. Meloni spoke via video conference. She chose to spend the day with her seven-year-old daughter Ginevra after breaking up with her partner, TV journalist Andrea Giambruno.

“I am proud of what we have done, of us, of our ruling class and of myself. I can look in the mirror and still see the same person, I have walked with my head held high, I have not compromised,” she said.

“We are the enemy to be put down because we are a mirror, a mirror of their pettiness,” she also said

“If we succeed all these people will have to reckon with their conscience,” she added in the video which was recorded Saturday on the sidelines of a Mideast peace summit in Cairo.

Italy a world protagonist again

In an interview with conservative daily Il Giornale, also published on Sunday, Meloni said Italy is a protagonist on the world stage again.

Meloni said she was also proud of the measures the government has taken to help households and businesses over the course of the year, and particularly in the 2024 budget bill currently before parliament.

“It is difficult to choose between the many things the government has achieved in a year to get Italy moving again. I claim them all, but I am particularly proud of the measures decided in favour of families and businesses and of Italy’s new-found leading role on the international scene.

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