Giorgia Meloni - her government has now been in power for one year. 25/9/23

Meloni government – one year anniversary


A year ago, Italy voted in its first woman premier when Giorgia Meloni led a right-wing coalition to election success. One the first anniversary of the Meloni government, the PM says the country is now more credible at an international level.

Italy is now more credible and more listened to at the international level, Premier Giorgia Meloni said on Monday. Today, 25th September 2023 is the first anniversary of the Meloni government.

“On 25th September a year ago, a clear indication came from the Italians: a centre-right government led by Brothers of Italy (FdI)”, Meloni said.

“We did our utmost to achieve victory, aware that this would not be a point of arrival but a starting point. One year on, I don’t feel like drawing up any balance sheets, that is up to the citizens.

“But I can say one thing: I had promised to deliver a better Italy than I had received, and I can say that today our nation is more credible, stable, and listened to”.

Meloni is Italy’s first woman prime minister, leading her post-fascist Brothers of Italy party to victory.

2024 – the year of reforms

2024 will be a year of reforms, from taxes to Italian schools, Meloni added.

“2024 will be a very important year, the year of the great reforms that this nation needs. Tax reform in the first place, but also the start of constitutional reform and the reform of justice. And then, the great merit reform, particularly in schools”.

“In front of us, we have a big job to do but this is what we will do to respect the commitments made to the Italians.

“Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it”.

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