Plaque commemorating the Bologna bombing massacre of 1980

Meloni “not happy” about Bologna bombing furore


PM Giorgia Meloni is “not happy” about a major political row sparked by Marcello De Angelis, the head of communications for the Lazio regional government. De Angelis said three of the far-right terrorists convicted of the 1980 Bologna bombing are innocent.

The Bologna bombing killed 85 people and injured 200 more at the train station. It was the worst of Italy’s ‘Years of Lead’ of political violence in the 1970s and 80s.

Image from 1980 of west wing of station

De Angelis said via social media that he knew “for certain” that three of the five people convicted of the bombing, Giusva Fioravanti, Francesca Mambro and Luigi Ciavardini, “had nothing to do with the Bologna massacre”. The three convicts are former members of the NAR right-wing terrorist group,

He said the August 2 anniversary of the bombing “is always a very difficult day for anyone who knows the truth, which every year is trampled over, even by the highest figures of the State”.

“I’ll see Marcello De Angelis and I’ll listen to what he has to say,” Rocca said on the sidelines of an event in Latina.

“De Angelis made a big mistake by talking about certainty, even if he was speaking only for himself.

“I’ll make my evaluations, although he does not have a political role in the regional administration. I speak to Meloni very often and we have had the opportunity to talk.

“She asked me to clarify and she certainly was not happy about what happened”.

Outrage from right-wing’s opponents

The comments deom De Angelis sparked outrage from the parties opposed to Rocca’s right-wing regional executive in Lazio. They said De Angelis was trying to re-write history and called for him to quit or be fired.

De Angelis is a former member of the Terza Posizione (Third Position) neo-fascist group. He responded to the row by comparing himself to Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher. In 1600, Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 by the Catholic Church for heresy.

“I said what I think without fear of the consequences,” De Angelis said on Facebook. “If I have to pay for this and be set alight like Giordano Bruno for having breached a dogma, I am proud to do so”.

Meloni came under fire from several opposition politicians on the 43rd anniversary of the Bologna bombing last week. As well as being PM, she is leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party. She made no mention that the attack was of a neo-fascist nature, something President Sergio Mattarella did.

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