Image of three medical staff talking. On 5th December 2023 medics will strike in Italy for 24 hours.

Medics strike on 5th December


In opposition to measures impacting the public health sector, including proposed pension cuts, medics across Italy are preparing for a nationwide 24-hour strike on 5th December.

Trade unions representing hospital doctors and nurses, namely Anaao Assomed, Cimo-Fesmed, and Nursing Up, have orchestrated the medics strike. They assert the suggested pension cuts, ranging from 5% to 25% annually, would adversely affect approximately 50,000 medical professionals.

Anaao-Assomed Secretary Pierino Di Silverio and Cimo-Fesmed President Guido Quici expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed measures in the 2024 budget. They stated the measures lack the capacity to address the severe crisis facing the National Health Service (SSN). They criticised the allocation of a planned €2.3 billion for the entire healthcare sector as “crumbs for everyone”. Of particular note was the absence of adequate resources for contract renewals.

The union leaders, under the rallying cry “From heroes to invisible, the government turns its back on doctors,” announced a planned protest on Tuesday at Rome’s central Piazza SS. Apostoli from 11:00 to 13:00.

While doctors intend to abandon hospital wards and clinics for the entire day, emergency departments will remain staffed. Meanwhile, diagnostic tests and scheduled hospitalisations will be rescheduled for another date.

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